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We come from a wide variety of social media marketing and sales backgrounds. Our experience in the industry tells us that it's nearly impossible for a small business to get into what is the most lucrative form of marketing. We are building SocialCrew to provide a crucial tool for any small business to promote their business easily in their community.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign-up for our beta phase, and we will update you along the way!

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Special Features

Wide-Ranging Content

SocialCrew makes it easy for all kinds of businesses to find influencers to suit their needs. Whether you are hiring for an international drop shipping business or a local barber, SocialCrew will help you.

Extreme Security

We guaruntee that our influencers will always meet your expectations. Our vetted influencers are always looking to help your business suceed. All agreements are backed by our in-house deal moderation center.


Easy Communication

All conversation with potential influencers occours within the SocialCrew platform. Never again will you have to use inconsistent third-party applications when speaking with influencers.

Smart Search

Our machine-learning based search engine will allow you to find ideal influencers through location, genre, price-range, and following. On top of that, SocialCrew provides meaningful suggestions to boost your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

With years of experience dropshipping products, we believe that the status-quo influencer market is much too difficult to navigate without a dedicated marketing team. SocialCrew provides a one-stop solution that eliminates the riskiness and difficulty of direct-messaging hundreds of potential influencers with little to no success. We aim to make this essential form of marketing accessible to all.

Our 24/7 customer service team is determined to guide you through the world of influencer social media marketing. They can assist you with any questions you may have regarding finding and hiring influencers.

As consumers become increasingly immune to traditional marketing, savvy brands are looking to influencer marketing to grow their business. The stats don't lie, over 70% of consumers are influenced by their peers in making purchases, and about 20% of consumer purchases are a result of posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It's important to catch on to this trend early.

SocialCrew is completely free for all businesses to use, and always will be. Influencers pay a percentage based fee for every deal they close. This means that getting into social media marketing won't impose any burdens on your small business.

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